About Atraseal

Atraseal Sanat Company is committed to providing the best solutions using engineers and consultants with the latest global technologies and advancement to help you in reducing the operational cost and solve your challenges in sealing field and seal to increase the efficiency. We are committed ourselves to minimize the Destructive impacts of environment and provide your safety as well.

The costs that are imposed negligently in choosing the appropriate product and solution will cause a lot of losses. Atraseal Sanat Company has provided the quality of standard in Product and services areas by placing the research, development and education units as its key element of business for you.

Vision: Our goal is to become the top consultants for solutions and equipment in Iranian industries. We believe that the nature of what we provide is beyond the equipment. In fact, we understand your specific challenges in sealing field and provide the innovative solutions in order to security, process optimization and cost savings.

Why Atraseal
Quality: Atraseal has made you comfortable with your choice. With the brilliant history of engineers in solving the special sealing problems in various industries and obtaining the quality certificates.

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Education and development

The supply speed: The down time resulting from the stoppage of your activity will cost you irreparable cost, Atraseal with available and the Powerful distribution Network attempt to resolve your process challenges as quickly as possible.

Atraseal’s experienced team are always ready to provide the best solution and product to solve your problems.
By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and a strong environmental commitment, we deliver solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.
We also operate state-of-the-art research, development, and testing facilities that continue to advance the state of the sealing industry to meet the rapidly changing demands of our industrial customers.

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Address: Unit 2, 2nd floor, No. 21, Third Alley,
Sarafraz str., Shaheed Beheshti Str., Tehran, Iran
Phone: +982188174765
Fax: +982188539072
Email: info    @    atraseal.com

factory :

Address: Sardar Blvd 333, Sirjan Special Economic Zone