Non Metallic Gaskets & Sheet Gaskets

Atraseal offers Soft material products designed for a wide range of applications in petrochemistry, chemistry, industrial and other equipment requiring specific sealing solutions. The jointing Gaskets can be supplied as a sheet or cut gaskets, both supplied in either standard or non-standard dimensions. We supplies our jointing gaskets from most reputable companies in the world such as Klinger , Flexitallic , Garlock and etc.
Our flat gaskets can be manufactured from an extensive spectrum of materials, rubbers, flexible graphite, PTFE, Mica, Cork, non-asbestos sheet products and Most of the sheet types can be supplied with a wire insertion upon customer’s request.
Many factors are taken into consideration when helping you select the right product including temperature, application, media and pressure. Atraseal stock a wide range of competitively priced, utility grade gaskets to meet varying specific applications such as high temperature, low load, high torque and high pressure for many different media.






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