Flange Insulation Sets

Flange Insolation Gasket Kits are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of the pipeline and piping system through safety and corrosion protection. Flange Insolation Gasket Kits provide an effective seal and electrical insulation of flanges. By eliminating metal to metal contact, static current is halted to prevent corrosion and aid in the cathodic protection of the pipe. Construction of high quality materials that have a high dielectric constant and low water absorption, Flange Insulation sets also are available for ASME B16.21 and etc.

There are three styles of insulation gasket kits available to suit raised faced, flat face and ring grooved flanges.



RTJ is specifically designed to fit into the ring type joint flange. They are manufactured of a medium weave; fabric reinforced phenolic material and is sized to ANSI specification available in basic oval or octagonal shape.

Neoprene faced phenolic gaskets have long been used as standard insulating gasket in the gas and oil industries because the soft neoprene rubber provides good sealing qualities.
in these gaskets neoprene sheets are factory bonded to both side of laminate phenolic sheet to give good sealing qualities and high electrical resistance.
Plain phenolic gaskets are manufactured from laminated phenolic material, which provide insulation between the flange faces. They are less expensive than faced gaskets and can be used in temperatures up to 1200C.


Our Type E "Full Face" Gasket style kit contains a full-face gasket that has the same outside diameter as the flanges. This style of gasket will prevent foreign material from collecting and creating a bridge in the flange which would short out the cathodic insulation. Type E gaskets are available in phenolic, neoprene-faced phenolic and high temperature materials.


Type F "Raised Face" gaskets will fit only on the raised face surface of the flanges. The outside diameter of an F style gasket is slightly less than the inside diameter of the bolt circle. F type gaskets can be used on both raised face and full face flanges. It is recommended that the flanges be wrapped with Flange Band Protectors available from Drake Specialties or a similar device to prevent foreign material from collecting and creating a bridge, thus shorting out the cathodic insulatoin. Type F gaskets are available in phenolic, neoprene-faced phenolic, and high temperature materials.

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